April 2013

"Noise and interference on an RF over fibre system, caused when the system ORU count was increased by 75% reduces coverage of the  existing system by 40%"!

PanRF have developed and produced a number of models which assisted in the optimisation of a number of complex RF over fibre systems. The models take into account the gains and losses of each system and how the noise in the system accumulates and how if the system is not optimised correctly can have a big impact on the minimum discernible signal level at each optical remote unit in the system. This information from the model can be used to show how system RF coverage is impacted.

By using the PanRF model, the system was optimised and the coverage of the system was improved to meet or in some cases better the existing coverage.

October 2012
"Venture capitalists eye up the takeover of a large European RF components manufacturer"! 

A Venture Capitol company was looking to make a large investment into a major RF component manufacturer in Europe. With no similar companies in their portfolio the company lacked experience in the market and hence employed PanRF to assist with the due diligence. 

Research was carried out by PanRF into other companies that could enhance the VC investment through takeover or merger. We were also asked to provide a list of questions to be used during the appraisal meeting, which PanRF attended to appraise the answers supplied by the board of the company and provide the investors with an unbiased opinion of the answers.

The VC could not identify a strategy that would give them the required return on their investment over the five year period and hence withdrew from the investment before a formal offer was made.

PanRF were asked if similar services would be available if the VC was to look at similar companies in future!

PanRF Wireless News

July 2014

"Audio distortion on a large multi-site Fibre optic RF system delays Airport implementation of new system"! 

PanRF designed and and implemented a solution which has allowed the project to continue and the airport operate as normal.

During the coverage testing of a system upgrade at a major UK airport it was found that audio distortion of the PMR Trunk system was present in external coverage areas. The only thing that had changed on the system was the removal of a direct feed to the main antennas from the BTS to one that went by a set of optical remote units (ORU). 

It was found from a series of tests that the channelised modules in the ORU were introducing approximately 182µS of delay to main external antennas of the system. Other elements of the system transmitted to external antennas but as the power was lower in these antennas so broadband ORU were used, with only about 2µS of delay. It was quickly identified that the distortion was in the overlap areas of the external antennas serviced by the different ORU and that the delay was to blame.

It was not possible to change any of the ORU, so it was decided to apply a delay at the head end of the system and delay the feeds to all the ORU with a 2µS delay by a further 180µS. Upon testing the solution it was found that all audio distortion had been removed.