PanRF Wireless Solutions

Wide Area Coverage - Generally outdoor networks for both narrow and wideband services utilising analogue or digital wireless systems. The service(s) can be delivered from a single site or from multiple sites depending on the area of coverage, data rates and the frequency the service operates on. The systems typically use base stations on each site or can use an RF over fibre solution.

IP DATA Back-haul - In addition we provide solutions for wide area data networks for the distribution and back haul of IP data, using technologies such as WiMAX, WiFi and microwave links for technologies such as wireless multi-media access, CCTV systems, campus WiFi access and many others. These can be fully integrated into your existing fixed networks.

From small satellite offices to large multi-site campus systems, from single point-to-point links to large complex tunnel systems, our solutions are scalable to meet the growing needs of your organisation.

Our staff has experience deploying voice, data and multi-media applications to satisfy a broad array of needs. With decades of experience in wireless technology, application, design, and installation expertise, the people at PanRF are dedicated to providing turnkey solutions that allow customers to get the most out of their wireless systems/devices

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PanRF provides wireless communication solutions that are reliable and secure. They are designed to integrate seamlessly with existing networking infrastructure, security, and management systems.

We provide a wide range of wireless solutions to meet your needs, including in-building, confined space and tunnel coverage for cellular, public safety, utilities and wireless multi-media access.

Distributed Antenna Systems - DAS  are broken down into 3 types:

  1. Passive DAS utilise only passive components and no additional amplification and hence tend to be limited in size and area covered. Considered relatively cheap.
  2. Active DAS generally use active equipment in the network including amplifiers and RF over fibre equipments to distribute the RF over a wide area. Can be expensive.
  3. Hybrid DAS are a combination of Passive and Active systems and provide a cost effective solution for most applications.

All DAS can be used with antennas or with radiating cable (some times referred to as "Leaky Feeder"), or indeed with both. The selection of antennas or radiating cable is very much dependant on the service required and the environment in to which is being installed.